T & C

The shop operator and the distributor of the products is Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.
Company seat: Hungary | 2161 Csomád, Szent István utca 5.
Mailing address: 9401 Sopron, Post office box 91.
E-mail address: info@mokshazrt.hu

By complaint please contact us under the following accessibility:

Phone number: +36 20 778 5621
Mailing address: Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. | 9401 Sopron, Post office box 91.
E-mail address: info@mokshazrt.hu

During SimplePay Card Transactions

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Ilona Med GmbH 7022 Schattendorf, Haupstraße 157. in the user database of https://mokshazrt.hu will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. -32.) and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following: name, e-mail. The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link: http://simplepay.hu/vasarlo-aff

1. These general contractual terms and conditions – hereafter T & C – have the purpose of defining the rules on how to order and purchase products from the Webshop operated from the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.

2. In order to be able to shop using the webpage you must register. Registration also means that the registered person declares he/she has read and understood the current T & C (this text), the Data Protection,the Code of Ethics and agrees with them.

3. You can register as a team member or as an occasional consumer or buyer. Those who sign in with their team member’s registration can any time place their orders by providing their registration names and passwords. The delivery address and the payment form can be modified whenever a new order is placed.

4. Your personal data provided for registration and ordering will be kept according to the relevant data protection laws and will not be revealed to third parties. Part of the data provided during the order will be passed to the express delivery service exclusively for the purpose of getting your order delivered.

5. By consulting our homepage you will be able to find all the information you need about the product(s) distributed by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., as well as product descriptions and webshop prices, including single articles and Multipack packages with discounts.

6. If you want to modify the quantity of the ordered product(s) or to completely cancel the order you have started write, click “Empty Cart”.

7. In your initial order clicking on the product selecting button, you have possibility to put a new product in your virtual shopping cart.

8. There is no minimum value for orders.

9. Delivery costs are always indicated on the order sheet, shipping cost within the country independent the payment method, does not change, and contains insurance premium. The international shipping charge varies depending on the weight and value, when ordering will always be indicated.

10. After your order is received, the system sends an e-mail to the address you have given, acknowleging receipt of the order.

11. We will also notify you within a maximum of 48 hours about the details of the delivery and its expected time by sending an e-mail to the address you provided.

12. We process orders and deliver them on weekdays and working days.

13. You can pay for the ordered product(s) in the following ways:
• Cash on receipt – receiving it personally or pay on delivery mail
• Pay by bank transfer *
• Pay cash in a bank

* Products paid by bank transfer can only be delivered after the amount has been credited to the Company’s bank account.
** You can not use a credit card payment by registration, but as a subdomain page has been created, the terminals can connect to each other, so it is possible to connect credit card payment.

14. The buyer has the right to rovoke his/her order within 8 working days. In case the products have already been delivered and received, we can only take back unopened packages. Delivery costs for such returned products must be met by the consumer. If the buyer paid in advance by bank transfer or paid on delivery, he/she will be refunded the amount within 30 days.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal and termination by the customer.
The customer can not exercise the right of withdrawal:
• perishable or short-lived product quality,
• in the case of a closed packaging product that is for health or hygiene reasons responsible, after delivery can not be returned after opening.

15. The consumer complaint may also be made to the following bodies: Conciliatory Body
The conciliatory body is resposible for the product quality, safety, application of the product liability, the quality of service, as well as the fulfilment of the contract between the consumer and the business , and regarding the dispute( hereinafter reffered to as”consumer dispute”)settlement outside the court process. If the conclusion of the settlement is unsuccessful, than the decision of costumer right has to be simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective.The conciliation body at the request of the consumer or business and advices the consumers on their right and obligations.
The Conciliation Body is the county(capital) Chamber of Commerce and Industry(hereinafter reffered to as ) an independent body operating besides the Chamber.
The procedure is subject to the conciliation body of the consumer’s permanent address or place of residence.
The procedure is subject to the conciliation body of the consumer’s permanent address or place of residence.In the absence of native address or residence of the consumer, the Conciliation Body or the representation of the undertaking concerned by the consumer dispute the seat of the authorized body is established.

The authorized conciliation’s body is, on the basis of the consumer’s request, the place designed by the consumer by his/her residence or permanenet address.

National Authority for Consumer Protection
The Consumer Protection Authority will check – the existence, validity with the exception of provisions relating to its effects and-

a) the sale, service
b)protection of children and young people,
c)the consumer group,
d) handling complaint handling, customer service, consumer protection counselor, as well as
e) the business correspondence for the sending of a response – in the conciliatory body procedure – in this Act and in its legislation for the implementation of this law and proceed in case of violation of these provisions.

The Consumer Protection Authority controls the separate legislation on consumer protection compliance with the provisions laid down as a provision and, if they are against consumers the law on the prohibition of unfair commercial practices does not provide – proceed in case of violation.
In addition to the above, unless otherwise provided by separate law or government decree, a consumer protection authority

a) the sale to the consumer of goods,
b) the quality, composition, packaging, labeling,
c) the measurement or the official price of the goods intended for sale to the consumer or sold otherwise compulsory price,
d) the handle consumer complaints,
e) for consumer contract in the context of validated warranty and warranty claim done,
f) the product distribution or service provision in the equal treatment requirement, and
g) to comply with the provisions on informing consumers and to act in case of breach

The consumer protection authority shall verify the consumer contract was concluded, when applied to or is for the purpose public meeting held by the general terms and conditions in respect of the that they don’t contain the good faith and integrity requirements violate the contractual rights and obligations unilaterally and unduly the detriment of the consumer, laying down the conditions

16. The dietary supplements not medicines, do not have therapeutic effects and are not suitable for the treatment of diseases not even as prevention.Food supplements such as food labels, tag labels, labels, packaging, any sign, illustration etc. and their advertising must be subject to the general prescriptions of foodstuffs. Accordingly, the marking of the products, displays and advertising must not claim or suggest that the dietary supplement prevent diseases, treat with a suitable, or such qualities. The Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. as a distributor does not take legal and economic responsibility for the products of distribution companies, private persons are, print, any displayed product experience for his opinion.

Please service providers and distributors descriptions of and advertising for reading, take this into account! Our web store does not deal with counseling, healing, problem solving. If you intend to use our products for medical purposes, ask your doctor, pharmacist. If you want to use our products for medical purposes, so ask before
doctor, pharmacist.

Always read the product packaging or in the product accompanying instructions!
Attention! Not be considered as evidence of the Moksha Droplets testimonials, patients and from medical attendents. Since all other human bodies, therefore, react to the Moksa drops differently. Dietary supplements are not drugs, and have any curative power, therefore we don’t take responsibility for the resulting claims. The positive effects on the website, the positive feedback and opinions for Moksa droplets are based on the experiences of consumers where indicated.

Dietary supplements are not drugs, and have any curative power,therefore we don’t take responsibility for the resulting claims. The positive effects on the website, the positive feedback and opinions for Moksa droplets are based on the experiences of consumers where indicated.

17. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. will do its utmost to ensure that the information on your pages is, as accurate as possible.

18. The Moksa drops pages released product, the description, experience, private opinion are considered. the materials you send in claims to my own experience, are based on his opinions reflect. The products on this side are not considered medicines, the food supplements consumption does not replace a balanced, varied, mixed diet and healthy lifestyle.