Recommender and consumer behavior’s ethics, with regard to the product and the sales system.


1. All registered recommender of the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. are required to know the code of ethics content, and as a condition to join the sales system-may be required to adhere to the code, or the corresponding rules of conduct. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., all brought to you by the code of conduct contained in the ethical code, in addition to Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. shall comply with the operational, compliance with the regulations. The present Code of ethics with regard to the concepts set out in the rules of Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. the contents should be taken into account.

2. The registered recommender of Moksa Drops, in all cases must pay attention to the presentation of the product and the sales system and details of misleading, deceptive and unfair allegations, do not give informations either the product or the sales-system or any other registered recommender.

3. The registered recommender do not use any kind of information that lets up to Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., or even of another registered review honor, reputation, possibly set up false information about them.

4. The registered offering always has to be up-to-date, to have fresh experiences and to give only current and real information. Aware of the website also information, regulations, terms and conditions, opportunities.

5. A registered referral required for prospective new registered for full, detailed review the registration information, in terms of the registration of the order, payment, or failing that, in the future the conditions of the order obligations.

6. Each registered customer is entitled the online registration within 14 calendar days from the date of esteblishment without giving a reason and without registration order, payment, or failing that, in the future the conditions of the order and buying intention. In any case, the decision shall be in writing and shall inform Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.

7. The Moksha Drops, Móksha Gyógyír referral system registered Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. and is offered in a manner to be determined by further helped the products. If you have a registered referral on sales, legal and personal background the sale further in the manner laid down by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. sales determined by methods:

  • personal recommendation
  • own website e- commerce, based of operational rules and code of ethics.

8. The price of the products is determined by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. The official website of the distributor, the supplied by the respective current prices of sales surface. This prices for registered review during the next recommendation is also required to consider and according to this, accordingly, recommend the products. If the registered associate/supplier of the product by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. not provided take into account the staff member Móksha Gyógyír Zrt./supplier registration and the attorney-client contract shall be entitled to immediately terminate the unilateral declaration.

9. The policies, terms and conditions, the information should be made known to someone just want to become a registered customer or a referrer, onwards recommendation of the products.

10. A registered referral monitoring changes, know what’s new, inform, in any case, continue to provide the necessary information to other registered referring player must or your customers.

11. The information transmitted shall be clear and fair in all respects. If either the products, from the sales system is unclear, do not clear issues arise, it should be to find the already known, or Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., contact details can be found on the website of any of the competent colleague/colleagues who assist in all aspects of the information only and only correctly
be more involved.

12. If the registered written or oral assessment offering the customer and/or among the registered, whether the referral products or sales system in the notification obligation towards Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. The planned survey questions must be presented, should be approved by, or transmitted to consumers, and/or towards staff. Compliance with this paragraph if the registered review, the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. registered referral registration and the attorney shall be entitled to unilaterally contract declaration with immediate effect.

13. The registered application shall refrain from any review comparisons, which are misleading or contradict the principles of fair conduct. The comparison criteria must not be unfairly, and evidence should be , which can be substantiated.

14. It’s not allowed the registered to disparage the fate of other companies or products-either directly or indirectly. Registered review cannot benefit one or another company or product name
a symbol formed by reputation.

15. The product and the sales system is a form of advertising, and in writing of any /or images for publication, and audoibook format, which the staff member is not only directly at the request of persons falling within the scope of its own on social networking websites, or not logo provided by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.-, image-, and other graphic and written material, It is only the relevant laws and stay at Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. written permission can be carried out. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. registered to review the name of the „Moksa Drops”, Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. name and the name of the Shop Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. of any unauthorized use of the form, in particular logo provided by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.-, image-, and other graphic and written material, sites, etc. As a registered referral only provided by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. authorized in writing and advertising materials, logo, slogan, etc. You can use.

    • Advertising and marketing purposes only provided marketing materials by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. can be used.

    • The Moksa Drops, Móksha Gyógyír branding and logo members shall not use the specified in advance by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., without written authorization. If someone has permission to get the branding and logos by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. in accordance with the provisions to be used.

    • Every Moksa Drops, publication, video, photo capture,

    • graphics, product photos are copyrighted, Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. If someone has permission to get the branding and logos by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. Moksa Drops websites (facebook look) content, such as text, graphics, photos, videos, graphics look also copyright protection, and the company without the prior written permission for any commercial purpose is not be used, may not be copied, even with the variety.

    • Moksa Drops, Móksha Gyógyír logos,
    • (Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.)
    • slogans

16. Moksa Drops, Móksha Gyógyír logos, ptivate page,Web pages, web-stores, a code of conduct relating to the centres rules:

16.1. Registered review operated by the Web page, web store, (hereinafter referred to as website) is not they can be deceptive to consumers, Web sites must be designed in such a way or distinctive signs shall be placed, from which it is clear that that website is not operated by the official Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., website, but also by recommending the registered website. The Moksa, Moksa Drops can be used only if the terms of the the title of the website as a registered referral path, where path address well distinguished from the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. powered by address and official website side only “responsible partner Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.”.

16.2. The registered website operated by offering top, left side, clearly required you must select the “Moksa Drops, Móksha Gyógyír official website of the site, the official site maintained by the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. The upper right corner of the website clearly, there should be mandatory, “our offer is operated by page”.These designations and the website”imprint” section should also be displayed. Own website, web store, community page operator, registered to the portal home page operated review information shall be communicated to the site is not operated by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., the operator of Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. (Distributor) brought to you by registered, to express the views of the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. deception is suspected the review prepared by the external website and, consequently, claims and other legal and economic consequences.

16.3. The registered review operated by the website may be used only in the event the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. is operated by the information, the official website if they are displayed without alteration. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. does not assume any information shall be communicated to the site is not operated by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., claims made that are not operated by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. official website are derived. A registered offering, powered by either side, or even a community, or other product described in private pages experience for the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. does not assume any responsibility, in the same way, if the operators of the pages referred to above, to the consumer, their questions, claims. The consequences of this for the official testing of communications rule violation should be borne by the staff member.

16.4. In accordance with point (a) in the case of infringement of the present, where the impugned activity behaviour does not correct the registered recommender, or stop, the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. registered review contract registration agency with immediate effect the right to terminate unilaterally.

17. The sales system, and Moksa Drop recommender, registered their information use of other busine opportunity, promote the product or activity, to advertise, or distribution is strictly forbidden, the abuse of the data. The Moksa Drops, Móksha Gyógyír gatherings, events, meetings, other networks, see information on their products, they propagate, In addition, negative behaviour and discrediting continue! They are in the case of non-compliance on the part of Móksha Gyógyír Zrt., registered the reasons for offending and unethical behaviour of the recommender contract shall immediately be terminated without giving any reason.

18. The possibility of Moksa is a registered referral to a Drop in other direct and Network marketing sales system to participate, but only the 15, 16. as indicated in (a) in compliance with them.

19. The Moksa Drops registered Móksha Gyógyír referral not other direct, Network, or any business selling the Moksa Drops sales, sales strategy, and these representatives may not be a statement which the Moksa Drops, such as product and/or sales system and in any way prejudice the interests of Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. or. The latter statement be considered in particular the titkaira, Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. business, organisation, staff and data any statement or information.

20. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. in order to protect the products produced by Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. written authorization from the registered review all activities – registration and in three years following termination of the manufacture of a product the aim of the marketing that is not Móksha Gyógyír Zrt.

21. The referral does not refer to a registered certificate or a certificate that is not written authorization from the registered review all activities – registration could mislead the purchaser/consumer.

22. A registered referral may not return individual purchaser/consumer and prospective staff trust, respect, to keep the customers lack of commercial experience, and not the customer’s age, medical condition, mental or lack of language ability difficulties.

23. As A registered referral income or which it supported and motivated distributors trust, respect, to keep the customers lack of commercial experience, and not rules of procedure in force at all times.

24. If you are a registered referral contract shall cease, irrespective of, out, expelled, or simply asked to register the deletion, etc. – the current operating rules in accordance with the deadline for compliance with a written request to the accounts, the commissions of payment. written notification of the e-mail address, you can do.

25. If a registered referral contract ceases, whether lost, reputation to protect. In doing so, shall the Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. is required by the code of conduct and ethics rules to keep. The registered recommender must notify Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. for any it has been detected in which Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. and owner of good reputation.

26. Móksha Gyógyír Zrt. reserves the right to change.