If you start to use the Moksa drops, you will experience their beneficial effects. By helping family, friends, acquaintance and talking them about own experiences,  started the beneficial activity and work. This work and furtherance could be also a possibility for you to earn money.



If you join in and become a member of our team, then you’ll have the opportunity to offer our products. Good products dealing MLM company, is an important part of any modern society, because among others provides a continuous income for 100 – 150 million people in the world.

Business construction is not equal to pedlary, as many people misunderstand, not just because consumers according to the law, buy the products directly from the company, but not from the distributor. The distributor officially recommended only the product to the attention of others. The well – structured bonus system will be the helper of recommendation and achievement. The sponsors role is nothing else, as to carry out the recommendation , build the network and teach the friendship, that’s what they have to do in order to have their reward.



In fact, how much is the reward, the commission that we can safely considered as supplementary or full-time income? Let’s look at a simple realisable example:

  • If you speak to some acquaintance about our products and the opportunities we provide, than you could obtain not only consumers, but dedicatives too. (1. level)
  • The 5 recommenders attach also 5-5 recommenders to own team, and speaks about our products and marketing project (2. level), than you will establish a team of 25 people.
  • When you conscientiously care for the 125 new recommender, help and teach them (3.level), than your team reached the 625 members (4.level).
  • Samples from my own experience I encourage you, to establish the team of 3125 people (5.level).

If you have a charismatic individuality, it can be easily achived.

Ilona Bencze
Business owner, executive



In the following example, the commission is calculated in registration packs for team mates(5, 5, 5, 5, 5) until the 5. depths.:


Divident levelNumber of recommender Commission ammount / packsCumulate commission
1. level5(1 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 44 EUR
2. level25(5 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 221 EUR
3. level125(25 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 1105 EUR
4. level625(125 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 5526 EUR
5. level3125(625 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 27634 EUR
Summary3905(781 x 5) x (commission unit)≈ 34531 EUR

[The aggregate commission shown in our example, is rounded up.Each product will be payback per level, with 3,7% per unit commission amount, namely 8.843 EUR. The only one condition for commission credit is, as the table shows to have one new registered monthly.] 

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